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The London Whisky Weekender 2014

26th June 2014

Although there are plenty of write-ups from erstwhile bloggers and others already on this key event for us, we thought we should write it up from our point of view. We ... Read more…

The #GlenlivetVertical Series Report

23rd June 2014

This series was the first vertical tasting we had run since summer last year. For the 'none-whisky-nerds' out there, a vertical tasting simply means tasting through a flight of whiskies ... Read more…

India Vs Scotland – The Results

14th March 2014

We are always looking to challenge the great whisky-drinking public of Britain. Our latest was pitching the latest single malt whisky from India - Paul John - against our native, ... Read more…

Girvan hits the G(rain)-Spot

14th November 2013

Ah Single Grain Whisky. That most previously rare and unknown beast. A product that just seems to be. A product that doesn't seem to come from anywhere as nobody knows whence ... Read more…

Highland Park – Final Fight

9th October 2013

We are in a very privileged position here at TWL HQ and we know it. We are extremely lucky to be sent little trinkets to taste and evaluate and we ... Read more…

Blends Vs Malts 2013 Review

26th September 2013

For us this was one of the most challenging series so far. When most so-called whisky-drinkers see the word 'Blend' attached to the word 'Whisky', the reaction we see much of ... Read more…

SMWS Series 2013 – Review

25th September 2013

The Six Single Cask Stunners After the runaway success of our first Edinburgh Whisky Festival in conjunction with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s 30th anniversary, we thought it fitting to take ... Read more…

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Whisky Fact #14

Up to 60-80% of the flavour of the final whisky is thought to be gleaned from the cask it matures in.

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